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Former Legend and Lehigh University freshman, Luke Rettig, earns Rookie of the Week honors as Lehigh visits Lafayette. Click the “Learn More” tab below to read the article.

congratulations to the 14u team for placing 2nd in the “in the net” spring fling tournament!!!

congratulations to the 14u team for placing 2nd in the “in the net” spring fling tournament!!!

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Prospect Select has Nationally Ranked Two of OUR very own Legends Baseball Players.

Congratulations to Luke Rettig (Ranked 6th for LHP) and John Kampes (Ranked 7th for Catchers)

This is what happens when you listen to Ed Lynch and apply his instructions!

Way to go Boys!

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Welcome to the Maryland Legends Baseball and Softball Organization!
We are excited to offer a fantastic program and opportunity to the community. The
Maryland Legends Baseball and Softball Organization is based on a very simple principle...

Arrive to the organization with dedication and the will to work hard.
Goal: To obtain a college baseball or softball scholarship.

It is that simple, work hard, stay the course and get a scholarship. The purpose of this organization is not to win trophies (we will win our share), the purpose is to develop players. This is a scholarship team, a scholarship program. Ed Lynch has coached baseball and softball for many years. His pedigree is unmatched and will elevate the program and its players to their goals, college play with baseball and softball.

We Invite you to navigate our website.

The Maryland Legends, based out of Rising Sun and located in Cecil County Maryland is the home to a 30 year baseball and softball organization specifically geared towards preparing the student athlete for college play. We feature softball teams at Ages 18, 16, 14, and 12. We also feature baseball teams at ages 18, 16, 14, 13, 12, and 11.  We invite you to preview our student athletes for softball and baseball where details of each players skill set and skills videos can be found. If you have any questions about the Maryland Legends or are interested in playing for the Legends, please contact Ed Lynch directly by calling 443-553-4108 or email ail at Please take a moment and visit our Facebook pages for both Baseball and Softball

A Message From Ed Lynch

I am requesting that all parents of Maryland Legend Players take some time and read “THE MATHENY MANIFESTO”.  The Manifesto was originally written in 2009 and I wish I had written it.  The majority of the points made in this article are systems and mythologies that have guided our program for years.  Sometimes it is very difficult to hear your son or daughter’s name as I am bellowing comments to them. Understand that this program has a thirty year track record of success.

Read the entire Manifesto to maximize your experience with the Maryland Legends.  As a family,  you will spend many hours with your child going to practice, games and the many different events that surround baseball/softball.    Please read the entire message and take some time to reflect upon the many powerful statements that are within. Understand that the program is geared for your son or daughter and not you (the parent).

I am very blessed to have players that are the second generation with me.  I am very blessed to have many families with multiple children on our teams, even some with 4 children.  We are confident about our mythology and systems that guide us with the Maryland Legends and feel that the Matheny Manifesto explains many of them.

Thank you and please take the time and really reflect on the message

Your Child’s Coach,

Ed Lynch


The Maryland Legends are proud to offer select Teams that focus on Fundamental skills training to prepare young men for their journey to becoming a college student athlete. We offer Teams at 8U, 9U, 10U, 11U, 12U, 13U, 14U, 16 and 18. Our younger teams play in the Mid Atlantic Region. Our Older teams Will play on the national Level as well as the Mid Atlantic Area.

The Maryland Legends Feature Softball training and play to prepare young Women towards the ultimate goal of receiving a scholarship and becoming a College Student Athlete. We attend tournaments in the Mid Atlantic area as well as travelling nationally. We offer teams at the 10U, 12U 14U and 18U Gold Level.

 One of our Assistant Coaches, Danielle Smith was a four year starter at Coppin State University and was ranked Number 1 in Batting Averages for NCAA Division 1.